What is Deep Web and Dark Web?

What is Deep Web and Dark Web?

What is Deep Web?

Deep Web is a large part of the internet that is not available to the public and not everyone can in!!!

This means that if we want to compare Surface Web (public web) and Deep Web (personal web), you only see 4% of the internet world and the other 96% are in Deep Web and Dark Web.


Why Deep Web is not available to the public?

Due to security issues, You can't find Deep Web websites With Google because mostly illegal activities are happening there.

Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web.

Another thing that people mistakenly believe is that Deep Web and Dark Web are one. It's true that Dark Web is part of the same type, but the two are completely different.

What is Dark Web?

Dark Web is part of Deep Web that is different from Deep Web! The Dark Web is minefield for Cyber Criminals.

Let me put this way: In the Dark Web, there is a all sorts of filth, whatever you say. from killing a person allive to selling drugs, weapons, body parts and even finding the killer and killing celebrities etc...

Why not close Dark Web?

It is difficult even impossible to track Dark Sites, which is why criminals consider it the best place.

How to enter or Access Dark Web?

Accessing the Dark Web requires the use of a anonymizing browser called Tor. The Tor browser routes your web page request through a series of proxy servers operated by thousands of volunteer around the globe, rendering your IP Address unidentifiable and Untraceble.

Tor works like magic, but the result is an experience that's like the Dark Web it self: Unpedictable, Unreliable and maddeningle slow.

Is it Safe?

It is possible to enter Dark Web with Tor but i suggest you never enter these sites because if you don't know something, you will be hacked in the first few minutes and you will not sleep well.

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